CBD Drinks

CBD Drinks

What would you say if I told you that you could now take CBD, your favorite cannabis-derivative as a beverage?

One additional trend that has been set off by the popularity of CBD is the love for CBD drinks. You may be wondering how this delightful concoction is created and if it is beneficial to the body. The fact is, like all things ‘CBD’, beverages infused with the compound can provide the body with a wide range of therapeutic benefits. The availability of CBD drinks was kickstarted by the legalization of cannabis products in states across the country. Seeing an opportunity to indulge in this healthy habit, individuals have been coming up with new ways to consume CBD, and this is just one of them.

What Is A CBD Drink?

A CBD drink is produced when cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive molecule found in cannabis, is extracted from the leaves, resins, and flowers of hemp plants, and processed to extract oil. This CBD oil is then infused into beverages like juice, tea, coffee, and even water. Note that alcoholic drinks are considered unsuitable for this process by some individuals who believe the major purpose of consuming CBD is to reap its health benefits without nursing a buzz or ‘high.’ However, CBD infused cocktails and tonics have also become increasingly popular among more forward-thinking individuals.

Is It Safe To Consume Drinks Infused With CBD?

Considerable research has been conducted in order to ascertain the benefits of CBD, and although it has been proven to be useful in the management and treatment of a wide range of illnesses, researchers are still studying the risks associated with the substance. 

CBD can be helpful in relieving stress, reducing anxiety, nausea, muscle pain, joint pain, and inflammation. It is essential to speak to a health practitioner or certified pharmacist before drinking CBD products as it could interact with prescription drugs. 

One thing you should never forget is that your body reacts differently to CBD drinks than it does to inhaled CBD. The effects usually take longer to hit, but they last much longer and it is necessary to limit your intake to one CBD-infused drink per day or night, depending on the type of drink you intend to consume.

Infusion or Tincture?

These are the two most popular methods of combining weed and alcohol. An Infusion is a concentrated extract that uses any type of solvent except alcohol while a tincture is a concentrated herbal extract that uses only alcohol as a solvent. For those without a personal preference, we suggest experimenting a little before deciding which method you’d like to adopt when making your CBD drink.

If you’re not ready to mix alcohol with CBD, you could create a simple CBD-infused syrup to use as a sweetener in beverages like lemonade, hot chocolate, and orange juice.

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