7 Benefits of CBD and What this Could Mean For You

7 Benefits of CBD and What this Could Mean For You

Let’s be honest, most people know about Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) but very few are familiar with the benefits of cannabidiol (CBD). In fact, many people are also still unaware that THC
and CBD are not the same thing. In other words, cannabidiol is without the
psycho-altering effects of tetrahydrocannabinol and has absolutely no impact on the state
of mind of those who which to experience the benefits of CBD.

Why is CBD suddenly so popular?

Well, legislation has loosened up quite a lot in recent years with our neighbors in Canada even legalizing the use of marijuana last year. What’s more, the use of CBD is permitted in many countries around the world and medical professionals are
increasingly eager to recommend this solution as a remedy or treatment for
their patients. In fact, hemp-driven CBD can now be delivered almost anywhere
in the United States so long as it meets the legal definition of hemp-derived, which is below .3% THC and more medical studies continue to outline the positive and safe nature of CBD.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of CBD and why so many people are eager to reap the rewards:

The Rising Importance of CBD Products

While CBD is still relatively unused compared to traditional options, an increasing number of studies have illustrated some truly incredible benefits. With this in mind,
CBD is now used outside of the US for the treatment of many health issues including depression, anxiety, heart disease and even acne. As if that’s not enough, CBD oil is now being prescribed in the United States for those suffering from Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome and Dravet Syndrome and we fully expect that FDA-approved usage to expand over time. Widely considered one of the most influential alternatives for pain relief and symptoms related to cancer. Now, that’s not to say CBD is the answer for everything but rather to explain how the statistics tell a very interesting

Here are just a few of the many benefits of using CBD as opposed to conventional solutions:

7 Benefits of CBD
and What this Could Mean For You

1. CBD is
Perfectly Safe and Often Recommended

As already mentioned, CBD in it’s isolated form is without “tetrahydrocannabinol” which is responsible for the mind-altering side effects that come with cannabis. In fact, this is often the main reason as for why so many people have yet to try CBD or consider this wonderful substance for pain relief etc. The truth is, CBD is perfectly safe and without any accompanying psychoactivity side effects. What’s more, this solution is becoming more widely recommended by medical practitioners for various health conditions.

2. Pain Relief and Central Nervous System Protection

Antioxidants and inflammatory effects make CBD oil an extremely effective support aid for pain relief. In fact, this wonderful combination may significantly reduce the extent of various health conditions and protect the central nervous system in the
process. More specifically, CBD has been studied by the the National Health Institute for its effects on Multiple Sclerosis. Whether you have back problems or persistence pain issues, CBD is certainly worth

3. CBD as an Alternative to Opioids – Here

Opioids refer to narcotics which produce effects similar to morphine. For this reason, many patients use these drugs for pain relief and medical experts use opioids for anesthesia. However, CBD is a common alternative which can have a similar impact. You see, cannabidiol receptors (CB1 & CB2 ) are located in the brain and immune system which is why many medical experts suggest CBD can help
regulate the immune system.

4. The Ideal Aid for Post-Workout Recovery?

When you take part in a physical workout, the body needs to break down before it can recover and rebuild. With this in mind, CBD can suppress the production of chemokine and cytokine and increase cell production which instigates an anti-inflammatory reaction in the body. Now, this might sound a little complex but as we often explain on our Instagram account, this simply means that CBD can aid the
recovery process after a physical workout.

5. Better Sleep and Less Anxiety

Did you know that CBD may help improve your sleep? It’s true, melatonin is important for creating a healthy sleep routine and CBD is a known substitute for this natural hormone. Needless to say, everyone needs good sleep to stay healthy and many people are now realizing that CBD can help them stay well-rested and re-energized.

On the other hand, CBD may also be a positive impact on your mood and quell the effects of stress and anxiety. In this sense, cannabidiol is beneficial for numerous
behavioral and psychological issues which is why so many practitioners
recommend the substance.

6. CBD and Coffee Can Increase Energy

BLACK Coffee(please no frankenbrews) and CBD oil are both superfoods and the plethora of antioxidants can make this a healthy match made in heaven. You
see,  medical studies have illustrated how CBD and caffeine can mix very well together. That is to say, coffee and CBD can provide a great boost of energy without inducing the many side effects associated with coffee such as stress and anxiety. At the same time, it also tastes great so why not?

7. CBD Products are Completely Natural

Unlike most modern day treatments and medicine, CBD is completely natural and the creation of Mother Nature. For example, CBD Relief Oil is CO2 extracted and the base derives from tree-nut oils and unlike many creams, the product is non-greasy and rather silky in texture. Needless to say, this antioxidant-packed lotion can soothe muscles without the need for artificial products. Similarly, Refresh Pain Support has no preservatives and can relieve stress or anxiety quickly and effectively.  


As you can see, there are many benefits to the solution and studies cited throughout show how CBD can provide a great sense of balance to the mind and body. In other words, CBD is showing great promise to support pain relief and recovery but also enhancements when it comes to mood.

What’s more, CBD is perfectly safe and without the psycho-altering side effects that you can find with cannabis. As if that’s not enough, it would seem that doctors and
medical professionals are just as eager to reap these rewards and encourage
certain individuals to sample the many benefits of CBD.

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